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Arabic (MSA) Beginners 1 Intensive (40359)




20-hour 1-week intensive course in Modern Standard Arabic for beginners.

14th - 18th August 2017

Monday - Friday 10:00-15:00



Detailed Description

Arabic MSA Beginners 1 Intensive is aimed at complete beginners and is designed to enable learners to communicate in Modern Standard Arabic within a limited range of everyday situations. The course introduces the students to the Arabic alphabet: their shapes, sounds and articulation points, and enables them to read and write basic words and sentences.Modern Standard Arabic is the recognised means of formal spoken and written communication. It is used throughout the Arabic speaking world on official occasions, in education and the media.The course covers reading, speaking and listening using contemporary printed and audio material. An appropriate balance is struck between communicative activities, structure, practice and grammar. By the end of the course participants will have a thorough grasp of the Arabic writing system. They should have a vocabulary of around 200 words and be able to use most elementary sentence patterns. Students are expected to undertake about 1-2 hours of self-study on top of contact hours. By enrolling on a course at SOAS Language Centre, you are bound by its Terms and Conditions